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•100% ANIMAL FREE◦We replaced goose down with state-of-the-art te- chnology, PLUMTECH®: it is warmer, more brea- thable and lighter that the original.


•GLOBETROTTER’S CLOTHES◦Simple and practical to fold up and carry with you anywhere, even in your handbag. Pocket-sized and comfortable, they are ideal to pack in your luggage for any destination or occasion.


•TRANSEASONAL◦Light and pratical, wearable in any season. To be used on their own or jointly with the new rain-proof jackets with heat-sealed stitchings.


•IRONIC◦The carefree whistling duck logo exspresses all of the brand’s irony. With Save the Duck garments you play around with their vast range of colours and materials.




This material, In contrast to conventional polyester wadding, allows to create garments to limited space ensuring lightweight and maximum freedom of movement.





PLUMTECH® has a high level of breathability, which allows disperses the excess heat generated during everyday workouts and city use.





Thanks to the high density of its PLUMTECH® fiber, it can trap an extremely large quantity of air (the best thermal insulation) in its structure, preserving the body’s natural temperature and guaranteeing optimal comfort.